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Toni Troutner announces re-election campaign for Kent City Council position 4


Immediate Release



For more information, contact Toni Troutner at 253-951-7765


Kent City Council President Toni Troutner is seeking re-election in 2021 for a second term.  Toni was elected to the city council in 2017.  She has an extensive background of community service and advocacy. She has a unique blend of private sector and community service experiences. As a councilmember, Toni serves in leadership roles on regional and state committees.  In addition to the various committees, Council President Troutner was awarded her Certificate of Municipal leadership from the Association of Washington Cities in October of 2020.

Toni has shown a constant commitment to public safety and is currently Chair of the Puget Sound Regional Fire Authority Governance Board and previously chaired the Public Safety committee for the city council.  Toni supported the addition of body worn cameras for our police department during her time as Chair of the Public Safety Committee.  She understands the importance of body worn cameras for transparency and building community trust.  She supported the creation of the ordinance requiring apprentice utilization on large city projects.  This program ensures young people have an opportunity to learn a trade and create career opportunities.  As Council President, she championed the use of federal CARES Act dollars to go to local business for support during the COVID-19 pandemic, in the amount of over two million dollars. 


“Taxpayers across our City are asked to pay more and more and yet our basic quality of life doesn’t significantly improve. As your City Councilmember I believe it is my job to ensure that local government is living within its means. I support investment in high quality services but I also support being a better steward of taxpayer dollars and budget prioritization,” Troutner said. “Over the past four years I have worked hard to represent Kent residents locally and across the region. It is important that Kent’s voice is heard and we have a seat at the table.  It is the only way to make sure our needs are being met.  As funding decisions are being made at the regional and state level, it is my responsibility to make sure Kent is represented.”


Council President Troutner guided the city council through important conversations around racial equity. “I believe it is paramount that we provide equitable services and opportunity to all our residents.  During the budget process, I supported the creation of a race and equity manager.  I am looking forward to implementing the first Race and Equity Strategic Plan for the city of Kent.”

 “I live here, have raised my family here and plan to call Kent my home forever. We have a responsibility to the over 130,000 residents, hundreds of City staff members and the taxpayers of Kent to ensure each voice is brought to the table and that we deliver high quality City services. We must expand our police department, ensure our roads are maintained and inviting to guests and renew our commitment to parks and human services,” Troutner said.

Prior to being elected, Toni served Kent residents as a local PTSA President, Commissioner on the Civil Service Commission of the Puget Sound Fire Authority (formerly Kent RFA), Drug Free Coalition member, Board Member of the Kent Downtown Partnership and leader at the Severe Weather Shelter.

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